How Beer Saved the World

So today in my stem 110t class I watched a video called “How beer saved the world” So I found out that there was a cuneiform symbol for beer. Beer was also very low in alcohol when it was first made. Also in Egypt people would get paid in beer. You would get paid in 1 gallon of beer to build a pyramid. There was also in certain cases where beer was used for medicine, because it had other nutrients in it. The first settlers of America landed to get more beer because they ran out on the ship. When they landed they got an idea of how to use acorns to help make a new flavor of beer. Later Taverns were invented and people would come and have a beer, talk, exchange ideas. You can relate that with the internet because it’s like a tavern, you can go the internet post statuses and comments(talk) and create blogs(exchange ideas). Beer also helped invent refrigeration because people wanted to keep it cold. It was just amazing to see how something simple as beer help contribute to major changes in human history. Now I don’t drink and I’ve never had a beer in my life, but I definitely can appreciate what beer has done.


~ by jledb001 on February 3, 2012.

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