Abstract 1: Technology Overview and Impact

Brooks, David  10/22/2001. Facing Up to Our Fears.  Newsweek, p66

Before terrorist attacks people didn’t take political issues very seriously. Instead the American population focused on events that weren’t really all that important. However, as soon as the terrorist attacks started to come to America, then they started to focus how important their safety was. Some people were even paralyzed by fear and would talk about things they would or wouldn’t do based on what they thought could happen. There were some people who didn’t change their daily routines after the attacks. There were some people that tried to act like nothing bothered them on the outside, but on the inside they were unsettled. In Israel were people’s attitudes are like this all the time, they have rules and regulations that make the people feel safe. When countries like Israel usually face these kinds of attacks they usually think like a nation. Those countries usually trust their armed forces and believe they’re going to do their job. In America were a lot of people were raised in this individualistic society, it is harder for us to think like a nation. Maybe Sept. 11 will get more people to be interested in politics and foreign affairs. Even though there has been fear, it has been for the good of the country.

I believe that Brooks was saying that before the terrorist attacks, people really didn’t pay much attention to the important issues of our country. After the attacks, a lot of people started to get scared about doing things they always did, checking the mail for example. Brooks, also thought that because of the attacks that maybe more people would get involved in politics and learning about other countries. I believe he was right because it seems like people have got more involved with politics.


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